About us

•Is the owner of Euroa Horse Park (www.euroahorsepark.com.au)

•Is the breeder of over 300 purpose bred ESB equestrian horses (www.esbhorses.com)

•Has developed numerous educational programs for unemployed and professionals and continues to coach via ESB education programs (www.esbeducation.com)

•Consults with numerous business owners and organisations with Professional events, education & Promotions (www.peepdownunder.com)

•Was the publisher of the A-Z Horse Industry Directory (first industry database produced)

•Was a previous Honorary Secretary and Director of the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC)

•Was a Trustee of the Victorian Horse Council (VHC)

•Was the inaugural Event Director of EQUITANA Asia Pacific 1999 held at the MECC

I am on a mission which is based on my previous roles and experiences within the horse industry. 

All of these have given me a deep understanding of the issues which face the 
Australian horse industry as a whole and a desire to create some solutions for a 
better future.
My overarching goal is to contribute to the future growth and prosperity of the 
horse industry, and I am working on several initiatives to achieve this.
The first of these is a program to connect with the next generation of potential 
equine enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, employees and employers. 

This program is called HICCUP 
(Horse Industry Career Choices 4U & Parents). 

The HICCUP program aims to:
  • Inspire the next generation of horse enthusiasts and entrepreneurs,
  • Increase awareness about the physical and mental health benefits of being involved with horses,
  • Highlight the career / business opportunities in the horse industry,
  • Raise awareness about the size, structure and scope of horse industry, and
  • Foster appreciation for the role that The Horse plays in our society.
We are building a team of collaborators and mentors to support this mission and would like to hear from you.

Do you remember this book?
There were 3,000 copies sold and it became a required text for VCE students doing Equine Studies. It has helped to map the structure of the Australian horse industry and created the 16 career sectors. 

PHONE: 0417 363 710