The Issues

“ I want to work with horses!”

HICCUP’s are often experienced by students, parents and teachers when these words are expressed.

Why? Because many don’t even believe there is a future ‘working with horses’. The thought often conjures up the image of playing with horses and picking up manure for twelve hours a day with no pay. Parents understandably want more for their children.

The Australian Horse Industry offers so much more and this misnomer needs to urgently be corrected for the health and sanity of all stakeholders. With years of industry experience, in addition to witnessing the consequences of this confusion and frustration, HICCUP has been designed to come to the rescue. We are here to help!

Until now, there has been nowhere for people to get advice or direction on how to deal with this resolute and unwavering passion; nowhere to source the necessary information or help to be able to construct an objective, unemotional response which provides useful suggestions to manage such a stanch declaration for this preferred career choice or desired direction.