The Solutions

The Australian Horse Industry is as vast as it is diverse.
Numerous studies have shown that it is one of the largest employers and one of the largest contributors to our economy. However its fragmented structure often leads to confusion and misunderstanding.


THE PRESENTATIONS: these energetic, entertaining and informative guest lectures are available to schools, clubs, events and organisations to give an “Overview of the Australian Horse Industry, it’s structure, role and career opportunities”. 

The presentations give a detailed description of the 16 different sectors of the industry, the vast and diverse employment and self-employment prospects using case studies as examples of the various sub sectors in each one. They help people to be more creative, understanding and confident with this chosen career path.

THE WORKSHOPS:  sessions are tailored for groups of either job seekers, employees or students. They run for a full or a half day depending on the group’s requirements. Using well established tools and methodologies we can help people to:
  • recognise their specific interests, skills, strengths and potential,
  • identify their key priorities, satisfiers, expectations and motivators,
  • create a career plan complete with goals and actions and those critical first steps,
  • write a resume and job application letter; prepare for interviews and how to go about contacting potential employers,
  • be prepared for their day and how to cope with different workplace situations.
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THE GROUP SESSIONS: are designed for parents and children under 18yo who are planning their post school future, assessing the various options and directions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the importance of the long-term mental health implications as well as the reality of their thoughts and making the right decisions. These sessions can include group and individual discussions with a mix of all the above but are focused on helping to create confidence so that there is ongoing support within the family unit.

THE CONSULTATIONS: are designed for individuals with business ideas or issues which need to be discussed in confidence, to create plans, analyses or solutions. They are also available to business owners who need help with staff issues, management or motivation; the recruitment process, employment ads, contracts and interview skills; OH&S issues, or planning for growth / change.
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